Thank you all for your donations. We have achieved our goal of a $ 2,000 retainer for a Mexican legal team to take legal action against the Mexican Guardian Angel program and Mexican Immigration authorities. We are releasing funds as we make certain goals. We have a separate team and a detailed plan; hopefully, it will bear fruit. I will follow up on this blog. Feel free to contact me for a copy of the plan. We went over our goal. So we will apply extra funds in savings for legal action in other countries where possible and assuming our Mexico plan bears fruit.

In general, feel free to donate to our efforts. However, if you have a specific country issue, it maybe be best to reserve your funds for that effort so it can be coordinated jointly. But for now, no more donations for Mexico required. I will reach out to all if we think we can make progress in other jurisdictions. More to follow. The law firm we are coordinating with is:

As we make headway, Feel free to reach out to Matt if you believe you need legal assistance to enter Mexico.

Paul Rigney
[email protected]